S200 with SCARA
wafer FOUP on SESTO Robotics AGV with Robotic Arm

S200 with SCARA

Achieve high productivity with our pick-place-and-transport SESTO AGV
Our special SESTO Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) with SCARA is a special class of AGVs that can pick, place and transport materials autonomously. Using a 4-axis robotic arm that can carry payloads up to 20 kg, these AGVs are designed for use in a semiconductor manufacturing plant’s clean room environment.

  • Robotic arm payload: up to 20 kg
  • Material handling: wafer FOUP, wafer cassette, process wafer carrier, wafer transport carrier, auto FOSB, SMIF pod
  • Clean room: Class 100/ ISO class 5

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