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Backend Software Engineer (Algorithms)
Job Summary:

Work with our back-end software development team that focuses on enterprise solutions for automated guided vehicles in various operating environments. The role will involve solving challenging problems that transform robotics solutions and services and applying them to real world scenarios.

Job Description:

    • Design real-time distributed applications for lights off automation
    • Develop algorithms and models for managing and coordinating an AGV Fleet
    • Incorporate various forms of artificial intelligence into solutions involving mobile robots
    • Generate data and process results from simulation
    • Creating and maintain back-end architecture
    • Design charging and staging algorithms
      • Bachelor / Masters in Computer Science or Engineering or related field
      • 2-3 years in developing enterprise-grade software
      • 1-2 years hands on experience working with vehicle routing problems
      • A solid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in algorithms, data structures, objects oriented programming, design patterns, multi-threaded programming, and software design principles
      • Experience in developing in a microservice architecture
      • Strong programming abilities in Python and C++
      • Experience in Operations Research/Simulation
      • Development and deployment of applications in Enterprise Linux
      • Familiarity with version control systems (Git, Github)
      • Familiarity with CI/CD tools (Travis)
      • Experience with programming for the Web (HTTP, REST, XMLRPC, etc)
      • Experience in interfacing with noSQL databased (mongoDB)
      • Experience in test-driven development, continuous deployment, and thoughtful application of monitoring and alerting.
      • Experience with Agile & DevOps methodologies
DevOps Engineer
Job Summary:

As a DevOps Engineer, you will be involved in building and maintaining Sesto's continous integration and deployment pipelines across its fleet, AMR and simulation product lines. In the course of your work, you will work closely with the Software team to automate builds, create and maintain hooks into codebases, ensuring builds are up to date and maintaining the quality of deployable product. In addition, you will be developing a simulation system to test the real-time performance of SESTO's robotics fleet. Your role involves developing scripts to setup a simulation environment running on containers and deploying it on AWS machines. It also involves monitoring, testing and summarising the result of various scenarios.

Job Description:

    • Create and maintain CI / CD pipelines
    • Ensuring built software is deployable and functional
    • Troubleshoot and rectify failing builds
    • Creating and maintaining a deployment process to standalone devices
    • Create and maintain hooks into codebases
    • Designing the simulation environment
    • Developing scripts to automatically setup, deploy and run a simulation
    • Developing tools to track and report results from the system
    • Creating various simulation scenarios for testing
      • Bachelors / Masters in Engineering or Computer Science or equivalent
      • 2 years working with automated build and test environments
      • Preferably 2 to 3 years in a DevOps role
      • Experience with Docker containers
      • Experience with Docker Swarm or Kubernetes
      • Experience with working on AWS EC2 and S3
      • Must have Python and shell scripting knowledge
      • Experience with Javascript and Node deployments
      • Experience working with Git, Github and Gitlab
      • Familiar with working in Linux environments (Ubuntu, Redhat)
      • Working knowledge of networking topologies
      • Excellent troubleshooting skills
      • Working knowledge of Anisble deployments
      • Working knowledge of NGINX and reverse proxies
      • Experience in working with SQL and noSQL databases (MS SQL, mySQL, MongoDB)
      • Working knowledge of Robot Operating System (ROS)
Senior Software Engineer (Web UI)
Job Summary: As a Senior Software Engineer (Web UI), you will be developing web UI products to support the operation of our intelligent mobile robots. These are end-to-end products that will require the implementation of frontend clients. You will be working closely with the server team and robotics team to acquire data from the robots, display them and provide channels to interact with the robots. You will also be working with UI/UX Designers to implement their designs.

Job Description:

    • Developing Web UI frontend clients using ReactJS and ReduxJS to support robotics operations
    • Maintaining the UIs developed
    • Writing automated unit tests and end-to-end tests for Web UIs using tools like Selenium, Mocha and Chai and bug fixing
    • Providing guidance on the UI/UX technical roadmap
    • Developing presentation modules using data visualisation libraries such as Konvu and D3.JS
    • Interface with RESTful API protocols to acquire data and present them
    • Working together with Software Lead to implement the company's vision
    • Guiding and mentoring teammates in the UI team
      • Degree in Computer Science / Software Engineering or equivalent
      • At least 3 - 5 years of working experience developing web applications
      • Experience with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript ES6
      • Experience with ReactJS library
      • Experience with Konvu image visualisation library
      • Experience with testing tools such as Selenium, Mocha and Chai
      • Experience with RESTful architctures
      • Experience in Agile development practices and version control systems like Git
      • Experience with D3.JS visualisation libraries
      • Experience with ReduxJS framework
      • Knowledge of Python Backend frameworks
Technical Analyst (Intern)

As Technical Analyst (Intern), you will be involved in the conceptualisation and design of the next generation of intelligent mobile robot systems, from gathering and defining user requirements, developing technical drawings that describe the solution, evaluating potential technology including developing simple prototypes as proof of concepts and documenting information and work flows of the system. You will work closely with both server and robotics teams to accomplish your tasks.

Main Tasks:

  • Gathering user requirements using user stories and translating them into engineering requirements
  • Developing technical drawings using UML diagrams such as Activity diagrams, Use Case diagrams, Interaction Overview diagrams, State Machine diagrams, Sequence diagrams Component diagrams and Composite Structure diagrams
  • Evaluating potential technology qualitatively and quantitatively by developing simple prototypes as POCs
  • Compiling all the work into a structured and organised document for reference
Essential Requirements
  • Degree in Information Systems or equivalent
  • Knowledge and experience in the latest software design concepts such as containerisation, API-centric architecture, REST etc
  • Knowledge and experience in developing professional UML diagrams
  • Experience in Agile development practices
  • Highly motivated, organised and driven individual
Software Engineer (Intern)

As Software Engineer (UI/UX Intern), you will develop web UI and/or embed UI products to support the operation of our intelligent mobile robotics. These are end-to-end products that will require the implementation of both frontend client and backend servers. You will be working closely with the server team and robotics team to acquire data from the robots, display them and provide channels to interact with the robots.

Main Tasks:

  • Develop Web or embedded UI backend clients using NodeJS and ExpressJS on JavaScript
  • Develop Web or embedded UI frontend clients using the React or React Native frameworks
  • Interface with XMLRPC API protocols to acquire data and present them
  • Deployment on Raspberry PI 3 (for embedded UIs only)
  • Writing automated unit tests and end-to-end tests and bug fixing
Essential Requirements
  • Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or equivalent
  • Knowledge of web development with HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Knowledge of NodeJS, ExpressJS and React frameworks
  • Knowledge of XMLRPC protocol is a plus
  • Experience in Agile development practices
  • Highly motivated and driven individual
  • Able to work in small teams
  • Familiar with Agile practices
Mechanical Engineer (Intern)
Main Tasks:
    • Assist to design and prototype mechanical systems including areas such as drive train design, structure design, airflow management, shock and vibration design
    • Deals with machining, integration, composites, CAD, FEA, CFD
    • Assist to manage small volume production and tools design
    • Providing technical support to project team
    • Perform outfield testing
    • Will be working on unmanned vehicles, robotics and automotive products
    Essential Requirements
      • Willing to learn
      • Degree / Diploma in Mechanical / Mechatronics / Aerospace Engineering
      • Hands on fabrication
      • Proficient in 3D CAD program such as SolidWorks is advantageous
Electrical Engineer (Intern)
Main Tasks:
    • Assist to design prototype electronics and electrical systems
    • Assist to design embedded circuits
    • Assist to design electrical harness
    • Providing technical support to project team
    • Perform outfield testing
    • Work on areas such as power electronics, wireless communication, motors and actuators
    • Work on unmanned vehicles, robotics and automotive products
    Essential Requirements
      • Capable of hands-on realisation of system prototypes in actual environment
      • Basic microcontroller programming
      • PCB design
      • Able to formulate and articulate ideas clearly and concisely
      • Willing to learn and work on multiple projects concurrently
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