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SESTO Robotics collaborates with TDS Technology and Universal Robots for the inaugural “Unleash the Power of Automation” event
September 17, 2021


The collaboration between SESTO Robotics, TDS Technology and Universal Robots addresses automation challenges faced by manufacturers and showcases flexible cobots – user-friendly and intelligent mobile robots that deliver automated material transportation.

Singapore’s leading provider for autonomous mobile robot technology, SESTO Robotics, is collaborating with TDS Technology and Universal Robots (UR) to introduce a fully integrated collaborative robot solution with its class-leading Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and manufacturers. Businesses are invited to join this event to experience how intelligent automation solutions address the challenge of picking, handling and transferring odd-shaped materials.

Experts from each event partner will share the benefits of adopting cobots and mobile robots to address use cases that require both mobility and manipulation in factories. Participants of the event will also have the opportunity to view a demo of the total solution comprising both cobot and AMR, and learn about the industry-leading features of SESTO Magnus mobile robots.

This will be a one-stop solution between both industrial automation specialists and an established system integrator, incorporating AMR and robot technology which are safe to use alongside human workers and easy to implement.

The event will share how a reliable system integrator will assist with the end-user to scope out the organisation’s workflow processes, pain points and other operating requirements. SMEs and manufacturers will obtain expert know-how and product support to implement AMR and cobot solutions, with the objective of increasing production efficacy and reducing business costs. “SESTO Robotics is always keen to build strong partnerships that accelerate knowledge sharing and enhances manufacturers’ understanding of robotics in an industry 4.0 era. SMEs face various challenges – assessing automation solutions, determining the best options, implementing the solution, and accessing the return on investment. Through this collaboration and partnership with TDS Technology and Universal Robots, we hope to resolve these challenges and help SMEs and manufacturers start the journey of transformation with the best partners in the robotic ecosystem” said Ang Chor-Chen, Chief Executive Officer of SESTO Robotics.

“TDS Technology is thrilled to be a part of this event to share our insights on automation solutions. These solutions are key to addressing the challenges that industrial environments will face in the industry 5.0 era. We look forward to meeting the event participants to explore ways to apply our solutions in their use cases,” says Paul Yeo, Director of TDS Technology.

SESTO Robotics’ current range of AMRs are fully developed and manufactured in Singapore. Its flagship AMR, SESTO Magnus, is a compact mobile robot with the highest payload in its class, suitable for commercial, healthcare and manufacturing industries. Aside from SESTO Magnus, the company also offers SESTO HealthGUARD – a fully autonomous robotics solution for round the clock disinfection using aqueous ozone and UV-C.

The Unleash the Power of Automation virtual event will run on 24 September 2021.  For more information or to register for the upcoming virtual event, you may click on the below link.

Unleash the Power of Automation Virtual Event 

Register for the event here.

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