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SESTO Robotics Partners with Baumüller Anlagen-Systemtechnik
May 05, 2021

– Announcement –
We are excited to announce that SESTO Robotics’ has a new partner – and they are located all the way in Germany! By partnering with leading automation specialist Baumüller, SESTO Magnus is now available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

This makes SESTO Robotics the very first Singapore-based robotics company to offer autonomous mobile robot solutions focused on smart manufacturing in Europe.

“Through our partnership with Baumüller, we will bring our Singapore-designed AMR solution to the manufacturing, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors in Europe. With Magnus, Baumüller will help businesses automate material transportation for a wide variety of applications, including intralogistics, machine assembly, testing and diagnostic technology,” said Ang Chor-Chen, Chief Executive Officer.