AMR Basics


Is Autonomous Mobile robot (AMR) better than Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) ?

AGVs have traditionally been the industry’s preferred solution for intralogistics deliveries. However, one of the shortcomings is their dependency on installing physical guides such as magnetic tapes or QR codes for navigation, making it tedious to set up additional delivery routes and stations. In addition, AGVs will stop every time there is an obstacle in their path, which delays the delivery time.

Why factories need Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and a checklist to guide your selection of AMRs?

The biggest growth drivers for this market are rising labour costs in developed markets, reshoring the supply chain due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the adoption of intelligent manufacturing practices to keep pace with the competition.

What are the key considerations for the successful implementation of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)?

To help businesses understand what are the benefits of AMRs, the process of deploying an AMR and safety concerns to consider.