Find answers to commonly asked questions.


1.     How do SESTO AGVs navigate? Do they need lines, strips or markers?

Each SESTO AGV is powered by a high-precision laser-based navigation system and this means that all of our AGVs do not require any installations of lines, strips or markers to your existing environment.


2.     How do the lasers on the AGV work?

SESTO AGV consistently scans the environment with high speed lasers and makes comparisons with its stored map to determine its location. This makes SESTO AGV robust in its navigation performance.


3.     How is the AGV controlled or managed?

The fleet management (traffic management, task management) is controlled by SESTO Fleet Management Server while the AGV’s navigation system is local to the AGV. This means that even if there is a loss of communication to the server, the AGVs will still be able to navigate throughout the facility.


4.     How does each AGV communicate with each other?

The communication for all SESTO systems is done via WiFi or LAN connection.


5.     What network requirements are needed for the AGVs to work?

Requirements will differ based on your setup architecture. Write in to info@sestorobotics.com and share with us your intended setup to find out more.


6.     I am using a third-party enterprise system to manage my work flow. Is your AGV system compatible with mine?

Our AGV system is compatible with all WMS using our SESTO public API. With this API, you will be able to send commands, task, get AGV status, etc.


7.     Can SESTO AGVs take lifts and pass through automated doors? How do they do it?

Yes! This is done using our SESTO Smart Device which will manage the lifts and doors.


8.     Are SESTO AGVs safe to use among people?

Yes! SESTO AGVs are design to worldwide safety standards to operate among humans and in highly dynamic environments.


9.     I am interested in becoming a distributor/ sales representative for SESTO. How can I contact you?

Thanks for your interest! Please fill in the application form and we will get back to you shortly.