SESTO Magnus Applications

SESTO Magnus with Roll Cage Module

SESTO Magnus with Tote Box Shelf Module

SESTO Magnus with Food Warmer Module


Grant Eligibility: 

We are pleased to share that Enterprise Singapore (ESG) grants eligible SMEs up to 80% subsidy through the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) or S$30,000 subsidy through the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG).

Package Includes:

  1. One SESTO Magnus Mobile robot
  2. Top module application (either a trolley tugger with roll cage or food warmer or a fixed shelf module)
  3. Software and basic mission application
  4. Three working days for deployment per AMR

Package Excludes:

Other specific customisation and integration to backend IT systems.


Proliferating the adoption of AMR solutions amongst SMEs in Singapore, it will lead to these positive outcomes:

  • Consistency and agility in manufacturing
  • Increased worker productivity
  • Reduced reliance on manual labour for repetitive work processes