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Aircraft Maintenance

Automated delivery of aircraft parts from storeroom to maintenance repair stations in an Aerospace facility. 

A Magnus AMR from SESTO equipped with customised shelving module is deployed at an Aerospace MRO facility for the service team to transport tote boxes containing bulky odd-sized parts.


  • Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) needs to be equipped with a purpose-built shelving module to collect parts from the store to bring to multiple work stations.

  • AMR required to transport heavy MRO parts to the service engineers to ease their load of work and reduce fatigue from making multiple trips between stations and storeroom.

  • AMR needs to operate safely in a dynamic environment and avoid obstacles as it navigates within the facility.



SESTO Magnus AMR equipped with purpose-built shelves to accommodate large tote boxes and to automate the transportation of MRO parts within a large facility.

On time maintenance and support services is crucial when the aircrafts are on the ground. The use of Magnus AMR to retrieve and transport components and parts save the service and repair team time and eliminate the hassle for repetitive tasks throughout the day for batch deliveries.  


From this implementation to automate the delivery of aircraft parts to MRO team, the technicians are able to focus on their core tasks at their workstations rather than transporting materials.  It also ensures timeliness of materials transfer from storeroom to work stations, especially crucial when the service technicians are packed with back to back jobs.

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