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Efficiency Redefined: SESTO automates scheduled or ad-hoc deliveries of meals, linen, surgical tools, lab samples and other consumables with reliability; to help healthcare providers deliver quality services.

How Can SESTO Robotics Improve Healthcare Industry?

SESTO Meal Delivery in Healthcare Facility

Automation of Food Delivery

SESTO Linen Delivery in Healthcare Facility

Automation of Linen Delivery

SESTO Surgical Tool Delivery

Surgical Tools delivery from CSSD to Operating Theatre

SESTO Lab Delivery

Transport of Consumables (Drug & Pharmacy)


Experiencing a transformative shift amidst an aging population and workforce shortages

As chronic illnesses increase among the elderly and birth rates decline in developed nations, the healthcare industry faces growing demands. The UN World Social Report 2023 predicts a doubling of the 65+ population by 2050. This "silver tsunami," poses significant challenges to healthcare and eldercare providers. Despite infrastructure expansion efforts, there's a shortage of personnel to keep up with operational demands.

SESTO Magnus Shelf


Leave all the delivery and material handling work to our Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Our AMRs handle tasks like medication transport, lab specimen delivery, scheduled meal delivery and transportation of soiled and clean linen. They navigate complex environments, ensuring timely item delivery across floors. Automation optimizes workflows, freeing up personnel for specialized care amid rising healthcare demands.

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