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Our Autonomous Mobile Robot Solutions have transformed the way businesses operate. Take a look at our case studies to see how we have helped companies across various industries improve their efficiency and productivity. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your company achieve similar results.

Magnus Lifter.png

SESTO AMR with customised shelf module in an Aerospace facility

A Magnus AMR from SESTO equipped with customised shelving module is deployed at an Aerospace MRO facility for the service team. 

SESTO AMRs with conveyors in a medical consumables manufacturing plant

Two units of SESTO Magnus AMRs with payload handlers transfer multiple trays of plastic moulded parts in a clean room facility for the medical device and consumable industry.


SESTO FOUP-handling AMRs in a US Semiconductor Plant in Singapore

22 units of SESTO PRIME AMRs with 7-axis robot arm were deployed to autonomously swap FOUPs between the stocker, multi-tier rack and tooling machines within a limited space.

SESTO Disinfection AMR at a Bus Depot Office Canteen

One unit of SESTO AMR equipped with an automated disinfection sprayer and UV lights improved the well-being and workplace safety of employees due to the stepped up frequencies of disinfection made possible with the SESTO AMR.


SESTO Heavy-Load AMRs in a Large Semiconductor Manufacturing Plant in China

10 units of SESTO AMRs equipped with large shelves automate transportation of heavy tote boxes in a massive manufacturing plant covering long distances of up to 40km per day.

SESTO AMR with customised shelf module in a Hospital Lab

SESTO AMR equipped with customised shelves is deployed to securely transfer lab specimens around the healthcare facility.

hospital lab.jpg

Magnus AMR with Lifter module in a precision machining components facility in Singapore

One unit of Magnus Lifter has improved productivity and efficiency on the shop floor of a mechanical engineering components facility in Singapore, allowing operators in this leading engineering components manufacturer to be freed up to focus on higher value-added tasks.

SESTO Automating Tasks in an Urban Aquaculture Farm

One unit of SESTO AMR has been deployed to automate water sampling, test for PH Values, Salinity and temperature in multiple water tanks has resulted in significant time and labor savings.


Magnus AMR Assisting in Aircraft Engine Inspection

SESTO AMR, equipped with a versatile robotic arm has streamlined aircraft engine inspections, capturing an average of 150 high-res photos along the way, saving man hours, improving accuracy and enhancing safety.

SESTO AMR Streamlines Workflows in Nursing Homes

Two unit of SESTO AMR have been designed to streamline workflow, making tedious tasks like meal delivery and linen collection automated, improving the quality of life for residents.

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