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Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair

SESTO AMR Streamlines Workflows in Nursing Homes

Two unit of SESTO AMR have been designed to streamline workflow, making tedious tasks like meal delivery and linen collection automated, improving the quality of life for residents.


​The Nursing home grappled with bottlenecks in daily operations, especially in laundry and meal distribution. Labor-intensive manual processes strained staff, and meal delivery faced inefficiencies with a 10-minute turnaround per level, totaling over an hour for complete distribution. Staff absences due to medical or urgent leave further exposed the operation's vulnerability to manpower shortages.



To overcome these challenges, SESTO AMRs were deployed to automate delivery of meal, collection of soiled linen and transportation of washed linens to each individual ward, seamlessly integrating with lifts and doors without the need of human intervention, alleviating the labor burden on staff. The AMRs streamlined operations, providing a reliable workflow and addressing the inefficiencies associated with manual processes.



By automating meal deliveries alone, the nursing home now saves up to 192 man minutes daily. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also allows staff to redirect their focus toward providing improved care to residents. The AMR solution effectively addresses the operational challenges, making the workflow more resilient and responsive, ultimately elevating the quality of service within the nursing home.

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