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Image by Rafael Drück

Magnus AMR Assisting in Aircraft Engine Inspection

One unit of SESTO AMR has been deployed to automate water sampling, test for PH Values, Salinity and temperature in multiple water tanks has resulted in significant time and labor savings.


​The inspection of in-bound aircraft engines presents a formidable challenge due to the presence of inaccessible areas that are difficult for human technicians to reach. The manual inspection process is time-consuming, prone to human errors, and can lead to technician fatigue, compromising the accuracy and efficiency of maintenance efforts



Equipped with a versatile mobile arm, SESTO Magnus navigates seamlessly around the aircraft engine, capturing an impressive average of 150 high-resolution photos. This innovative robotic system not only overcomes the limitations of manual inspections but also introduces artificial intelligence technology to aid engineers in identifying potential defects and discrepancies in installed components.



The robotic system contributes to a remarkable saving of 360 man hours annually, significantly enhancing the efficiency of the inspection process. Moreover, the technology reduces human errors associated with traditional inspections, ensuring a more accurate and reliable assessment of the aircraft engine's condition. The enhanced safety aspect is notable, as Magnus minimizes the need for technicians to access challenging and potentially hazardous areas, thus creating a safer working environment.

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