Single Base, Limitless Options

Our solutions are as flexible as they are versatile.

SESTO Robotics offers a suite of autonomous mobile robot (AMR) applications to automate scheduled or on-demand delivery and handling processes of WIP and goods in the manufacturing and healthcare industries. Our state of the art autonomous navigation stack and fleet management system have been deployed since 2016 and have enabled factories, service centers and hospitals reduce dependency on manual labor for time consuming repetitive delivery tasks while ensuring delivery through-put is achieved.

Smart autonomous navigation technology

Smart autonomous
navigation technology

Easy to deploy and adaptable to change

Effective management of AMR fleet

Intelligent fleet management

Optimises throughput

automated guided vehicle

Multiple Applications

Easy for partners to integrate third party application


Take a look at SESTO Robotics’ offerings.

Magnus AMRs

Compact mobile robot platform with the highest payload in its class

Magnus Lifter

Designed to automate the pick-up, transfer and drop-off of trolleys and pallets

Magnus Shelf

Ideal for transporting heavy tote boxes that are not stackable and require more than one storage level.

Magnus with Cobot

May be integrated to the Magnus AMRs to perform parts picking or goods-handling applications with the added benefit of mobility.


Enables round the clock disinfection


Automates FOUP handling and transfer