Single Base, Limitless Options

Our solutions are as flexible as they are versatile.

At SESTO Robotics, we understand that the components transported by our autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and automated guided vehicle (AGVs) are key elements in finished products sold by our customers. That is why we recognise the importance of providing our clients with the best mobile robotics solutions that ensure reliability and traceability during either the manufacturing, healthcare or commercial process.

SESTO’s AMRs are fully developed and manufactured in-house. Our robust hardware is designed and built to comply with international safety standards, ensuring safe usage among people and machines. At the same time, our intelligent software system merges edge, fleet and business intelligence to enable our clients to achieve agile results.

Smart autonomous navigation technology

Smart autonomous
navigation technology

Easy to deploy and adaptable to change

Effective management of AMR fleet

Intelligent fleet management

Optimises throughput

Deployment of best solution for each unique business

Hot swap battery management

Achieves high uptime

automated guided vehicle

Deployment friendly capability

Easy for partners to integrate third party applications

With a proven track record of 24/7 large global fleet deployment, the SESTO solution suite is scalable, suitable for a dynamic environment, ready to work with existing manufacturing execution systems and warehouse management systems, facilitating your journey towards a lights-out factory.


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Compact mobile robot with highest payload in its class


Round the clock disinfection at your fingertips


High endurance and versatile mobile robot


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