Is Autonomous Mobile robot (AMR) better than Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)?

Centres for logistics, warehousing and fulfilment, are industries that have successfully implemented AGVs and AMRs, thanks to the increased demand from e-commerce shopping.

The manufacturing and healthcare sectors have also embraced these technologies to pick up parts and components and hospital supplies and make scheduled or ad-hoc deliveries in their facilities.


The key differences between AGVs vs AMRs

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are no longer new and often used in the automation sector.

AGVs have traditionally been the industry’s preferred solution for intralogistics deliveries. However, one of the shortcomings is their dependency on installing physical guides such as magnetic tapes or QR codes for navigation, making it tedious to set up additional delivery routes and stations. In addition, AGVs will stop every time there is an obstacle in their path, which delays the delivery time.

AMRs, on the other hand, do not require any additional infrastructure, such as markers, wires, magnetic strips embedded in the floor or accurately located laser targets.  AMRs self navigate using SLAM technology which produces accurate maps of their environment and enables the AMRs to localise and navigate. If an obstacle is detected, the robot can change its direction to avoid it without removing it.

SESTO Comparison Table_Benefits of AMRs_R

Comparison table showing the distinct benefits of AMRs.

In addition, AMRs adapt to different workflows, accommodate changes in your factory processes over time and allow for integration with various top modules to meet your payload requirements.

This  new implementation enables smart, reliable deliveries and optimises overall processes.  In the end, the most fundamental distinction between AMRs and AGVs is the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of AMR technology. 

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